The Boaz Trust

As part of the Boaz trust wellbeing program Jessie Stringer-Fewtrill and Sally Gilford were commissioned to facilitate a program of workshops in November – December 2019. Workshops spanned over 5 weeks and covered fashion and pattern design, screen printing, embroidery, garment and accessory construction. The Boaz trust works to end destitution amongst asylum seekers and refugees in greater Manchester and these workshops offered people the opportunity for people to skill share as well as learn new skills. 

Looking at the transition from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional; the group created patterns and a colour scheme using textiles from around the world as inspiration. Working with Jessie, they were able to put their unique twist on these traditional art pieces and translate that into a modern fashion collection. 

They then worked with Sally to create prints using the colours and shapes they had developed in the initial session. To create their own prints onto fabric, they used a traditional method of screen printing which layers templates and colours.

Building on to this, they worked with Jessie to practice embroidery techniques. Collaborative thinking and team work was needed for construction of the 3-piece collection. Dress-making patterns were used to cut-out the collections and the group learnt how to use the sewing machine to sew the items together. 

The project was showcased as an exhibition in February 2020 at Islington mill. Prints and garments were sold on the night and money went back into The Boaz trust. The night was co-curated by the Boaz trust clients and Jessie. On the night we exhibited their work along with photographs of the workshops and people got the chance to meet the makers. We also set up pop-up stalls and drop-in workshops ran by the clients who wanted to showcase their individual creative talents. The night was finished off by a catwalk show- showcasing the collection made in the workshops- and speeches by people involved in the workshops.