During October 2018, we ran a programme of events For Design Manchester Festival.

We launched our programming with a free Studio Party. 

PRINT. MAKE. DANCE. [RE]PEAT was a relaxed affair, intended to introduce our work and the artists, whilst allowing people the chance to express themselves via printing. There was music, making & dancing.  

Our activities were inspired by the Patrick Thomas’ Protest Stencil Toolkit around the theme of DISRUPT! 

The book contains 46 die-cut stencils, and a bespoke typeface, combining slogans and powerful visual messages. We reinterpreted the toolkit into elements for the workshops we ran.



Participants screen printed different components and constructed tote bags using a sewing machine.They went away with a completed bag featuring a bespoke printed surface pattern design.



Using laser cut components and threads in a selection of vibrant colours and styles, participants learnt embroidery construction and connecting techniques to create wearable art jewellery.