42nd Street

Commissioned by 42nd street for the ‘Gift shop’ project with Old Trafford youth group, artists Jessie Stringer-Fewtrill and Sally Gilford ran workshops which ran over 5 weeks in June-July 2019.  

Workshops covered fashion design, branding, pattern placement, screen printing and garment and packaging construction. The outcome was a 5-piece streetwear collection which has been co-designed and co-created by the youth group and Salford makers artists. 

Designing with Jessie and taking inspiration from streetwear fashion forecasts, the group developed signature shapes and logos to be used for the collaborative collection.  This process enabled the group to develop design skills as well as have creative control over the collection. 

Working with Sally the group had the opportunity to transfer the designs they developed on to fabric using screen printing. To enable the collection to flow, collaborative thinking and teamwork skills needed to be exercised as only a few designs could be selected to be taken forward to print.

Using their unique printed fabric, dress-making patterns were used to cut out their collection. Composition and pattern placement skills were developed within this process. Garments were cut and pinned by the group in the desired composition and then sewn together by Jessie.  

To finish off the workshops the group worked with Jessie to create branded packaging -such as bags and swing tags- which the collection was then sold with. 

The collection was then sold at pop-up shops with 42nd street and money from the sales went back to Old Trafford youth group.