Natalie Linney

Natalie Linney is a textile artist, and creative facilitator based in Manchester, UK. After graduating with BA (Hons) in Visual Arts from Salford University Natalie continued to develop her creative practice focusing primarily on print based techniques.

In 2012 she learned natural dyeing methods during her time working with textile artist Kate Fletcher in Tasmania, Australia, and has since worked with natural dyeing processes to create unique pieces.

Throughout history, before the advent of synthetic dyeing processes, people have coloured fibres using local plants and minerals. This process dates back to 10,200 BC and is still the same one used today.

In her practice, Natalie utilises these ancient dyeing techniques with natural and man-made objects found in the contemporary urban environment to produce entirely unique textile pieces. Working with traditional methods, she creates striking and delicate patterns which emerge in unpredictable ways to reflect the materials used and the place in which it was produced.

Through the deliberately slow and sensitive process of natural dyeing and the hyper-local, seasonal approach to textile printing, Natalie draws attention to the globalised, alienated and exploitative practices of the “fast fashion” industry and consumption. By rooting her practice in locally sourced found materials and the contemporary, creative use of ancient craft methods, her work seeks to challenge the disposable fashion culture that has emerged in recent years.

As well as producing textile print art pieces, including special commissions for Manchester International Festival. Natalie is an experienced arts practitioner and delivers creative workshops throughout the UK.