The Knot Collective


The Knot Collective

The name of the collective symbolises our journey so far and our reason for existing- the Knot in a rug, a joining, a bond and the brining together of 4 key strands: creativity, craft, collaboration and charity.

Rugs are our passion (nearing addiction) and we are on a mission to change people’s perceptions of a rug as an afterthought piece of interior design- to just tie a room or a look together. Our belief is that a rug can be THE focal of a room and space, commanding attention and to be appreciated as a piece of art.

Designed in-house or collaborating with exciting artists and designers from around the world, The Knot Collective create collections of ethical handwoven rugs and bespoke works of floor art that transform interiors. Where you see art, we see rugs and it’s a constant exploration to see how far we can push the boundaries of ruggage! A rug can be an exciting new medium to re-imagine an existing creative piece or a blank canvas where the layers of touch, texture and depth can really inform the ideas and design process for us and the artists we collaborate with. It has to be fun, it has to be interesting and it has to be accessible for our customers.

The KNOT Collective was founded by Mark and Sinead Hanlon whose love for textiles, graphic design, art, fashion and interiors have been combined to create a passion project that rolls out on the floor. We look for collaborators who have never done a rug before and whose work might not seem like the obvious choice, but this is where the magic can be found.

Our journey has taken us all across the world, growing our expertise in design and manufacture whilst creating beautiful handwoven rugs for new collections, private clients and all the while being lucky enough to work with some of our favourite artists and designers. We exist to create rugs that demand attention, change perception and offer good quality textiles for the homes of people that appreciate handmade over mass produced.

It is vital to us that we work closely with our mills in Nepal and India which have been hand-picked not only for their skill using some of the most traditional techniques, but also for their ethical practices and shared mission to abolish child labour and enhance the lives of their weavers.

The KNOT Collective is officially recognised by GOODWEAVE whose sole purpose is to end all forms of child labour and forced labour. We donate a portion of every rug sale we make to Goodweave but are in plans to do projects that will help spark the creativity of the children we save.

Our new collection is currently under way but we are always interested to hear from people on future collaborations. We also work on a commission basis with commercial and residential clients.